Welcome aboard. Well, not really. This is just a metaphor about an adventure of life and the struggle to live a philosophical life in the world full of materials and things that steel part of our life — attentions and times. Sound a bit pessimistic.

As a matter of fact, you should not read further, because it is going to consume your time. Though, if you continue and you find it useful or relatable,then congratulation.


Why I am still writing this?

We all have our own view about the world, even when we closed our eyes. Each view is worth viewing, especially if the view is reviewed by the view’s owner.

Writing is one of the best process to see the views from an outside perspective, both for the views’ owner and the viewers.

So here I write...


Writing is a very therapeutic way to hug the mind and the soul. I am writing to let’s myself know and aware of what we have been through live. Hopefully, it is serve as knowledge base for others who come after me.

I write on random topics, some purely out of flow of consciousness, some are thought, some are business related, some are ideas, while some of them might be just fun things for life entertaining purposes :)

Just to be

I write base on my struggle to being. It is the simplest thing in the universe, yet it is the hardest thing — just to be.

A Life should be for living, not dreaming of living a life one day. The best life to live is a life in which others find joyful and blissful by just being around, without trying to please them.

This is a live I am trying to live. A life of struggle to just be.