Welcome! I am Rithy Thul. This place is where I blog for the next few more years or for as long as Substack still exist.

Currently I involve in a few projects namely; smallworldventure.com, koompi.org, selendra.org, vitaminair.org

My interests lie on a few simple things; simple and sustainable living, adventure/bike touring, long distance running, tech ventures, computer and operating system, programming and programming languages, blockchai and crypto, investing.

I began to pursue self-guided learning in 2006 by utilizing the internet to gain knowledge and build his business ventures. I had deep interests and connections with bicycles, computers, and nature. They are tools and inspiration for my works and life philosophy.

Since 2008, I have personally started, co-founded, and provided assistance to several startups in Cambodia. I started SmallWorld in 2011, one of the most active micro-vc and venture builders in Cambodia.

Then, started KOOMPI in 2017, a hardware company specializing in low cost high performance Linux laptops, which has its own Linux variant called KOOMPI OS. KOOMPI product lines have grown to provide devices for labs, infrastructure for wi-fi hotspot in remote areas, and digital education platform, saladigital.org, which employs blockchain Learn-to-Earn features to incentivize the learning and teaching outcome and activities.

In 2015, I began to dig deeper researching the blockchain industry and start building the foundations knowledge which help kickoff Selendra Blockchain a few years later. Selendra is a multichain inter-operable nominated proof-of-stake (noun) used for building and running EVM (what is EVM?) compatible and Substrate-based blockchain applications. Selendra aims to nurture a network of DApps that will be at the forefront of Web 3.0 adoption in Cambodia and the region.

Since living closer to nature is one of the important, we also started a pilot reforestation project, VitaminAir.org, with over 100 hectares of land, located 100 km west of Phnom Penh. VitaminAir aims to apply the learning of its pilot to develop an economic incentive model powered by Blockchain to help preserve and reforest the rainforest land.

My writing style

I write to recall my memory, so it could be some learning for myself and maybe for the generation to come.

I write base on my struggle to being. It is the simplest thing in the universe, yet it is the hardest thing — just to be.

Life stuffs

A Life should be for living, not dreaming of living it — some day. Live now.

The best life to live is a life in which others find joyful and blissful by just being around, without trying to please them.

This is a live I am trying to live. A life of struggle to just be.


Rithy Thul
Co-founder of smallworldventure.com, koompi.org, selendra.org, vitaminair.org. Views are my own. Short tweet twitter.com/rithythul // Medium post tht.me/s/rithythul // Long post rithy.org